My favorite time of year has finally come. To celebrate the upcoming holiday I have decided to share a post everyday on what I am thankful for. I'd love it if you'd join along on your blogs, I don't think we can ever be too thankful. (if you end up doing this, post a link to your blog in the comments so I can follow along :) )November has become one of my favorite times of the year. I love that it ushers in the Holiday season. I think it's sad that a lot of people reserve their goodwill towards others until the "pre-dictated season," but am still so thankful that they at least show it then! This season brings a focus and clarity to my life that I cannot do without. It helps bring an eternal perspective which I have honestly had a hard time with lately. I love that we celebrate it when we have an abundance, rather than when we have too little and all of a sudden realize how good we had it before. I am thankful for the warmth I feel from strangers and the kindness that is shown in random ways.
I am thankful that with the season come the beautiful sight of the changing leaves, the crisp air that requires a jacket and the crunch crunch crunch from the ground as you walk over it. I love how cozy everything becomes and how you always have an excuse to have hot cocoa!I am thankful for fall!



Beautiful pictures Suzanne! Also, Daniel's Yoda costume was amazing!

Rebekah Anderson

Suzanne, what a great idea! I love the first picture in this post...great photography. Also, you did an awesome job on Daniel's Halloween costume. I'm jealous :)

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