Thankful #2

I am grateful for my husband. I honestly would never have put the two of us together in a million years, but the Lord knew better and literally threw us in each others' paths. I am grateful for Bryan's kindness and understanding. I am VERY grateful for his patience! I can be pretty stubborn sometimes, maybe more of a passive aggressive type of stubborn (hate to say it Dad, but I totally got this from you!.... I'm pretty sure you already knew that...) and he is a pro at waiting me out and letting me come around. One of the first things that astounded me about Bryan was his kindness, it took me very off guard. I still remember arriving at the Opera Workshop where we got to know each other and he hurried over to help me with my bags. It wasn't that he liked me or anything, he helped everyone out, but it was because he is just a kind soul. I'm grateful for his sense of humor, it has helped me out of the darkest moods and made me laugh my pain away. I'm grateful that he is an amazing father. I don't say that lightly, he really is amazing. His love and tenderness with our little boy never fail to warm my heart. I've never seen a boy love his father so much and am grateful that Daniel will always have someone to look up to. I am grateful for his passion for life. For his love of sports and music that both enrich our lives. (and I'm slightly jealous of his ability to recognize music pieces, composers, artists, actors, etc. seriously, if he's heard or seen it once, he can recognize it) I'm grateful that he appreciates me and that he can appreciate things I do that no one else may appreciate. I'm mostly thankful that he chose me and sticks with that choice every single day.



Suzanne you look awesome in that top picture - one hot mama! I'm so grateful that you and Bryan have each other.


lol, thanks Kristen. It's an OOOOOLLLLDDDDD photo, back from when I was still living with you! We were just engaged at the time.


ditto on the hot mama comment! Oh, but you still look gorgeous. Don't misunderstand. :)

Amy Ellertson

you guys are so cute! i miss and love you both!

Alex + Anna Winn

Suzanne that was very sweet to read. What a wonderful husband and I'm so happy he makes YOU happy!

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