Thankful #3

Another thing I am grateful for is our little boy Daniel. He is the light of our lives and the purpose for my days. I never could have guessed the sheer amount of joy and love that you can feel as a parent. He is 100% completely worthy of that love and more. I am grateful for his happy cheery disposition that lightens my days. I'm grateful for his snuggles and embraces. I am grateful that he came to us when he did. I didn't really think I was ready to be a mother so quickly after we got married. I had never been very excited about motherhood, I had always hated babysitting and never really played with babies at all. All of that changed when he was born. It was as if I'd opened a door to a room that I'd always known was there and was very familiar to me, but I was seeing it for the first time. I was a mother and forever changed. I am grateful that he has been such a comfort to us in our times of sadness and sorrow. When the first failed adoption took place it was heartbreaking. But I could come home and put my arms around Daniel and embrace my motherhood. Daniel gives me strength to do things and be someone I never could have been without him. I love love love him and am so thankful for my funny, silly boy.


Alex + Anna Winn

Suzanne - that was another tear jerker. You are so great with words.


Now we need a post from Daniel and Bryan about how they are thankful for you and all you do!

John-David and Kathryn

What a great way remember all the things that you are thankful for. Very neat.

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