Thankful #5

I am thankful for doctors and the miracle of modern medicine. Ever since I was a little girl I have had a love of doctors. When I was about 7 yrs old I had to have a pretty intensive surgery. Even though there were complications and it took 3 times longer than it was supposed to, the surgery was a success. Without that surgery I would have ended up deaf in one ear and with 1/2 of my face paralyzed. Ever since then, I've had a soft place in my heart for ENT's. :) I am thankful for my hearing and ability to smile. (imagine me trying to get through a vocal performance major half deaf!) I am thankful for the Oncologists who saved my sister's life 6 1/2 yrs ago. (she was diagnosed almost exactly 7 yrs ago.) I am thankful for the advancements in medicine that made her transplant so much more simple. (I'm sure her part of it was still just as painful, but it worked and that's what matters, right?) I'm thankful that I don't have to fear my child getting polio or Scarlett fever. I'm thankful that my life expectancy is such that I should be able to see my grandchildren (and great grand children?) grow up. Now that I'm married to an 'almost doctor' I have an even greater respect for them. Just the sheer amount of schooling and experience they have to attain before they can practice medicine is amazing. Anyways, I am very very thankful for the field of medicine and the health that it allows me to enjoy.



I really love this post. I had no idea you were almost denied the opportunity to do so much with music--- and we were almost denied the opportunity to be blessed by your talent! How is your sister now? I think this post is so personal and open. Thank you for sharing.


Thanks Elisa. I've really struggled with how open to be on my blog. Do I share our infertility struggles? Our adoption journey? I've just been too afraid of the anonimity and negativity that floats around in blogland I guess. Hopefully this month will help me come out a bit.
My sister is doing very well. In March she'll be 7 years Leukemia free! (which is considered cured)


Well said! I agree. I can't believe your sister's diagnosis was seven years ago - my goodness it feels like yesterday!


I'm loving all of these "Thankful" posts, thanks for sharing!

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