Thankful #7

I am Thankful for adorable nieces and nephews! We just had a new addition the other day and have another niece coming in January. I am an aunt 20 times over and consider each one a blessing. I had never known how much a person could love someone elses children until they came along. You'd think that it's because they are blood relatives, but some of them aren't even blood realatives to me and it makes no difference. We are super excited about the newest addition born to Lara and Adam. They named her Josephine Marolyn (beautiful name) and she is perfect in everyway.

Don't they look happy? (they now have 3 under 3 yrs. I'd be taking a nap if I were her!) Congrats you guys!



Aren't nieces and nephews the best!?!? I love these pictures!

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