Thankful #9

I am grateful for a fully functioning car! I'm probably going to jinx myself by saying this, but I am soooo thankful for reliable transportation! I get to go and do so many wonderful things because of it. I can only imagine my pioneer ancestors marveling over the fact that I can run to the store, the library and the fabric shop all within one hour! (ha! If only I didn't always spend so much time at the fabric store this would be true!) Right now I am especially thankful that we just made the leap and are now officially a two car family! Whooo hoooo! I'm pretty impressed with us being able to tough it out through 2 1/2 years of med school with one car. (if I do say so myself... ;)  ) But this year it just wasn't working. Bryan has such odd hours all the time and I'd have to wake Daniel up waaaay early in the morning to go. He's started not being able to go back to sleep in the mornings once he's up and sometimes he wouldn't be able to go to bed early enough to get enough sleep. I was wrecking havoc on his behavior at school and his attitude at home. ( he honestly wasn't too too bad at home, he just knew which buttons to push) We were able to find a good deal on a Honda Odyssey and jumped at it. It still took tons of red tape and tracking down paperwork to make it all happen, but it's finally ours! Bryan and I can finally both go somewhere different at the same time! I've been amazed at just how liberating it all is. So yay! I'm thankful for cars!



That is SO exciting! We love our Odyssey and we LOVE having two cars! It is truly amazing how much you don't have to plan when you have multiple modes of transportation. Anyway, congratulations!

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