Thankful #4

One of the people I am most grateful for is my Heavenly Father. I am thankful that He hears and answers prayers. I'm grateful that He loves me more than I love myself and that he, in his infinite wisdom, gives us specific trials and experiences that teach and mold us. I am grateful that he provided us with a Savior and a way back to Him. I am grateful for His mercy and forgiveness. Most of all, I am grateful for His patience with His children, that He allows us time to grow and come into ourselves. I am thankful for the comfort and hope that His gospel brings me.
I am grateful for a merciful and understanding Savior. I am grateful for His perfect example and eternal sacrifice. I am grateful for both His birth and His resurrection.I am so very grateful that He loves us so much that he gave all and waits with open arms for our return to himHe Lives - Simon Dewey



I love what you're doing here - such a good idea! Thanks for reminding me to be grateful!

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