We have had so much fun this Halloween! Daniel really wanted to be Yoda, but I couldn't find a costume that we liked, so I decided to make one! I don't think there's a pattern out there for a Yoda costume, so I just had to make it up as I went along. I would change a few things if I had to do it all over again, but overall, I think it went pretty well.

Last Friday some friends threw a Halloween party. I had forgotten that we needed costumes that early so was sewing Daniel's until the last minute. Thus I just had to use my lame-o standby witches hat. Someday I'll get on the ball and we can have a cute family theme. There were games, good food and contests. Daniel loved getting to whack away at the Pinata.

Daniel trying his first Gobstopper.... can you see the beginning of his sugar induced coma coming on?Next up was Trunk or Treat on Wednesday night. Daniel was THRILLED when one of the young women painted a Yoda on his hand!After all of the chaos and craziness was over there was a bonfire out back where we all got to roast marshmallows.Here in Ohio we do Trick or Treating on a different night than Halloween. I think it's to keep kids off the streets when the drunk drivers are out, but who really knows. Anyways, we went out on Thursday. The colors were gorgeous! Poor Bryan had a test the next day and had to read his book in between each house. :)
Daniel was a hoot the whole time. He would run back to us saying, "Mommy! They knew that I'm Yoda!!!" or "I got pumpkin candy!!!" We had to remind him at EVERY house to say thank you. He could not for the life of him remember to do it. He was just too too excited. Every once in a while as we were walking he would let out a huge contented sigh. I wish I could just bottle him up! One of his very favorite things to do was try to scare the people handing out candy. Even if they had seen him start to walk up to their house, he would hide in the bushes and jump out to scare them, it was too funny. He was the most successful at this house, when they answered their door he let out a huge growl. There was a big group of teenage girls in the entry way and their mother and he scared them all. It was too too funny.

All in all it was a great, great Halloween! (and I'm sooooo glad it's over!)



I am beyond impressed at the Yoda costume. Seriously, if only we lived closer to each other. I really want to learn how to sew cool stuff like you. I love Halloween so fun...great pics.


You are amazing! I always knew this of-course, but that costume is fantastic!!! I miss you!!

Washington Hills

It does not get cuter than your yoda! And for the record, huge compliment, you can work a witch's hat, Suz!!!

J and M

Let's just say that if I sewed a yoda costume, no one would be recognizing it.

As for the witch hat. This year, I didn't even have the lame hat. Ours ripped and my friend who said she'd bring it forgot, so it was just me in the concert choir dress feeling a bit tight in the arms. UGH (:

Alex + Anna Winn

You totally outdid yourself on the outfit. Wow. And it's crazy seeing pictures of trees. I laughed out loud at the pic with candy in his mouth. You can see the glazed look in his eyes. HA


Thanks guys, I'm glad you liked it. You know when you've looked at something for so long that you can't tell anymore if it's good or completely ugly? Totally there with this piece o' work. Marni, I'll never forget the sausage arms those dresses created! Even the skinniest girls had them. I'm impressed you can still rock it out in that dress! Anna, that's so sad that it's suprising for you to see trees. I think that's a sign that you need to move to Utah or Ohio stat.


You are amazing. amen.


That Yoda costume is AMAZING - way to go!

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