Daniel's birthday is right before Christmas. We're talking just a few days before. I grew up with a sister who also has a birthday right before Christmas and I remember vividly how disappointing that was for her. Her presents were wrapped in Christmas paper and her cake was often decorated with Christmas flowers and with a Christmas theme. ( I don't blame my parents for doing this, they had 8 kids and had to work with what they had!) But I don't want my little guys' birthday to get swallowed up by Christmas. So we have decided to have a small celebration on his half birthday. (Incidentally this should work out well with our adoptive children as well. Adoptive families usually celebrate what's called "Gottcha day" which is the day of finalization and usually happens around the 6 mth mark) So, for his half birthday we went to the new Lego store here in Columbus. It was insanely crowded and full of excited little boys. I spoke with an employee and it turns out they had just opened the store 2 days before. Duh. LOL I didn't know it was that new and probably would have waited a while longer before attempting that. Anyways, Daniel made his selections (he had also earned another Lego set by completing a few milestones that we had set for him.) Just look at him with his loot. That's one happy boy there. The next day we set aside some time for just the two of us to work on putting it together.I never knew just how intricate these things are! It took me forever and was so tedious!Look at the cute little figures that come with them! Too too cute.
Lets just say that I felt like a 5 star Mom when I clicked the last piece in place. I have a new appreciation for those people who create incredible statues with Legos! That is some hard work!

Daniel couldn't be happier and I haven't had a quiet moment since! (lots of flying and shooting sounds)



WOW! that place looks AWESOME! Did they have any big legos for lil babies? Where is it?

and great job on the Star Wars creations. You earned your keep with those. :)

Washington Hills

LOVE IT!!!! We are this close to worshiping Star Wars Legos in our house, so I'm going to show these pictures to Connor and prepare myself for some major flipping out!


That Lego statue is amazing! Those things that you built with Daniel are totally amazing too, you are a 5 star mom!

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