Computer Crash

Well, this is an old post that I started a few months ago.... sadly, it's applicable again. :( A few months ago this happened: I was mopping the kitchen floor and put my computer on the counter so that I could listen to some music. Mopping requires lots of elbow grease, that's right, I said ELBOW. I saw it fall in slow motion and land open faced, butter side down on the cold hard floor. I could have cried. I turned it back on hoping it wasn't too bad, but it just kept getting more "spectacular."

My poor, sad little computer. Luckily, the hard drive was still working! Yes! So I was able to hook it up to our TV to use it. It was a little overpowering to use it as a monitor. lol. (Also it was completely illegible, something to do with pixels and resolution) So we bit the bullet and bought a new computer. 3 months ago. It died yesterday. No clue, just died. It's off to the computer doctor today... :( hoping (pretty sure) to get all of our data back! (so so many pictures I would be sad to lose.)



well, was the doc able to revive it? Or are you going to have better luck waiting for the 2nd Coming?


we're still waiting...... :( Won't know till probably Thursday.

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