Dr.'s appointment

In order to start school this fall Daniel had to have a school physical. As you can see, Daniel actually loves visiting with the doctor. He tells him jokes and tickles him (yes, Daniel tickles the Dr. not the other way around...) Daniel feels like a trip to the Dr is a party and I've always been grateful for that. That all changed when he found out he needed shots. I talked with him about it and while he still wasn't excited about it, I think he would have been okay. All of a sudden these two nurses came in and very hurriedly prepped him for his shots. He started to freak out a bit, so they told me to come and hold his arms and trunk down, then they both went at it. He started screaming at the top of his lungs (which is. so. loud.) "I don't want this!!!! I don't want this!!!!!" I really think if the nurses had slowed down a bit and given him a moment to process things it would have been okay. Anyways, as we made our way out of the office everybody watched us with a sad look on their faces. Clearly they had all heard everything. It was a bit embarrassing. I really really hope he hasn't gotten my phobia of needles! Anyways, this is what I got to deal with for the rest of the day. Talk about attitude!

(This picture was taken about 20 minutes after the "incident" see how red his face still is and how mad he is??? Yeah, it was that bad.)



What an ordeal! If he didn't already have your phobia of needles, I bet he does now...bummer :)


wow. that face says it all.


I love that first picture! And I hope that he recovers. I can feel his pain (and so can Logan!)

The Lassen Family

That picture is hilarious!! Actually, they both are, next time he has to go in, make sure you show him the first one and how much "fun" he was having :) But now he's all ready for kindergarten...so that's good, right Daniel?


Poor kid, I don't blame him.

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