Vacations always fly by way too fast! It's late right now, but there's a loud party going on next door and I'm not sleeping, so I thought, why not update my blog? Today was great. We got up and bummed around a bit until it was time to head out. Some of us went shopping in Laguna Beach. It was a really cute shopping area that had lots of really expensive shops. Needless to say I didn't buy anything! But I was able to go and look at an art gallery while I waited for others to finish at one of the stores. It was a gallery of vintage poster prints, I've always thought they were just cheap posters that people bought to fill up their walls, but now I know differently! I was amazed by how expensive some of them were! (upwards of $10,000) I did find one that I fell in love with. I think I like it because it's something I could actually see in my home. The colors aren't too outlandish. (It's more neutral looking in real life) And the way they had it matted and framed was just beautiful. This is also something I didn't buy. (It was more than $3,000) But it's nice to learn about this kind of stuff.

After shopping we came back to the house on the beach and sent
someone out for In-n-out burger. Yum, yum, yum! If you haven't tried this place, it's a must! They have the freshest ingredients ever and their shakes are to die for. I don't really care for their fries though. Anyways, we spent the day between the beach, taking a nap, eating good food and playing games. It's so great to not have any schedules/deadlines to meet! In the evening after dinner (delicious bbq'd steak and potatoes) Bryan, Daniel and I went out to the beach again to watch the sunset. You seriously can never get enough of this sunset. I'm pretty sure that Catalina Island is right where the sun sets, so it disappears really quickly. Daniel started to chase the waves and before he realized it had run knee deep into the ocean with his pants on. I think it scared him enough that I don't have to worry too much about him doing it again!
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