Another day, another sunset. It is so great out here at the beach. I wish I could live here forever. I told Bryan that I'd be okay if he wanted to buy a vacation house out here. (lol, yeah right!) Daniel had an absolute blast! He ran and ran and ran. Then when it was time for a nap he was OUT.
When I went to put my suit it was missing!!! So I had to make a "quick" trip to Costco. (we only got lost once...) It made me feel like I was at home, it's amazing how every Costco is the same. Around dinner time Bryan and I went on a walk down the beach a took in another amazing sunset.
For dinner we had the most delicious fish tacos and then we ran to the tv to watch "The Office." We love the office. It was another funny one tonight. Just wish I could watch them every day.
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