A good (ish) day. I love being a mom! Little boys are the best. I especially love unexpected kisses and running start hugs. I also love the little surprises they give you every once in a while, like yesterday when he decided he wanted to start putting on his own pants! And today I was trying to get him to count to 10 INCLUDING seven and he turned to me and very clearly said "sehvvvven", and then proceeded to count to 20!!!! Sometimes I wonder where in the heck this little boy came from! He's also started to eat much more carefully, so it doesn't look like my kitchen exploded 3 times a day! I am one happy mommy. On a bad note, our brand new tv broke last night. Yes, broke!!! It just plain stopped working. So Bryan took it in today and exchanged it for a different tv that isn't working either. Hmmmm, we're having a bit of bad luck in that dept. and Daniel is getting a little bit desperate for his "Elmo." I wonder where he gets his turn for the dramatic??? Anyways, I also wanted to let you all know that I enabled comments without them having to go through me first, so if you'd like to chat back you have free reign!
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