Easter was great. On Saturday my in-laws took us (Daniel and I, DH had to work) to a friends place to have a train ride through their grounds. Daniel loved it! It was the cutest thing, it had switches that would move it to different tracks and it ran through a bunch of different yards. It was great. Before we left we hopped onto a golf cart to look at a different part of their property and Daniel rode on Grandpa's lap to help drive it. He took it very seriously and really thought he was driving! It was so cute.

On Sunday we had a great church service, then later that evening we went to Bryan's Paternal Grandparents house to have dinner with extended family. Daniel loves to play with the other little boys, and as always, to play with all of the cars they have there. He was pretty excited to hold a baby for the picture.
We're still trying to figure out where we're going to move. We're expecting some more information that will help us make a decision, but I'm getting a little bit antsy to start making plans! (we're moving in 3 months-ish) Wow, just saw a promo for a movie with Jessica Biel and Nicholas Cage, ummm, yuk, little bit of an age gap, dontcha think?? I got two phone calls from some of my dearest friends today, they're both coming to Utah to visit this spring! I'm sooo excited!! Yeah for Anna and Kara!


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