I'm back!!! I'm so happy to report that my computer is alive and well again! I never knew how dependant I am on it. It's crazy. I found myself wandering aimlessly around the house, wishing I could check this or that on the Internet. (Isn't that how it always is, you think of all of these things you need to look up on the Internet when you have no access?) Life here has been hectic, but that's what keeps it interesting. The surprise party I helped plan was awesome. It was for my Mother in law's 48th bday. (Isn't she so young to be a grandmother?) She was very surprised and a ton of people showed up. We had put together a video of her family saying what they loved about her and a slide show of when she was young. It was great. And the food was divine! I've been singing more lately, trying to get myself to the point where I can sing at the Met auditions in early part of '08. My new teacher is having me study a bunch of Mezzo pieces. I'm not sure I'm loving the Mezzo thing just yet, we'll have to see. But I am loving just getting to sing again. I've missed it. We just found out that one of the school's we're probably going to starts in mid July, so we will probably end up having to move a month earlier than planned. Yikes. We still have no clue where we'll be living and I have a ton of stuff I have to sell/get rid of. Craig's List here I come! I've been meaning to do it forever, just always conveniently find other stuff to distract me! My sister's are in town and it's so fun. It's always an adventure when us five sisters get together. Tonight we had dinner at my parents house, one of my brother's, Steve was also there with his family. There were 21 of us and boy was it a full house! The kids all went outside to fly kites and DS had so much fun chasing after them all. He was sooooo tired when we got home that he literally collapsed into bed. Of course his injury probably added to his exhaustion. He had a collision with a cousin, they were both running at full speed and didn't see each other. DS got a HUGE goose bump on his head. Poor kid.

Can you say "Ouch!?." Of course he was off and running a little while later. Boys!

Just a pic of my cute little niece Zoe!


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