Okay, it's been forever AGAIN! I'm still alive and still kicking..... barely. December was great, my baby turned 2 and we had a wonderful christmas celebration that seemed to go on forever. We celebrated our 3rd anniversary and rang in the new year playing games with family. It was a great month. Now it's back to reality! I've got lots of cleaning and de-junking to do, especially since we're moving in a couple of months. DH has been accepted to 3 medical schools, wait listed at one and just got another interview at another. We're thinking we'll probably end up in Ohio, but we'll see. I've decided to downsize our cd and dvd collection, not by getting rid of any (that would be blasphemy in this house!!) But by putting all of the cases in storage and putting all of the disks into plastic sleeves and then into drawers. This is what I would LOVE to get....

But this is what I'll probably have to make do with:

I was thinking I'd get two or three and stack them on one another. We'll see, maybe I can convince DH to get me a smaller version of the first one for my birthday!


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