It's amazing how you can have the best of intentions as a mother and yet are always undermined by your child. Today I had the bright idea of getting my 2 year old some chalk to color with. It's not permanent by any means and I'm bringing my childhood easel home in a week or so, so I thought it would be good for him to start using it. Dumb, dumb mother. I now have chalk ground into the carpet, all over the entertainment unit and (I am almost positive) in my DS's belly. He has this amazing talent of appearing innocent every time you look over, but then when you get closer utter chaos has ensued. (I'm like 10 ft away, how could 10 ft make that big of a difference???) Sigh, just another adventure for me tomorrow! Today I tried to accomplish too much in too little time! Sound familiar? I'm constantly doing this to myself. I just always think, I can totally fit that in, so I try, and just end up frazzled, stressed and constantly running late. When will I ever learn? I made funeral potatoes for the first time (and probably last!) today. They are oh so yummy and oh sooooo bad for you! I think once I got the hang of them they would be a cinch to make, but today it took me 1 1/2 hours!!! And that was after my forever trip to wal-mart for groceries. I have a poopy wal-mart. I always say I don't ever want to go there again and I always forget and have an "interesting" adventure. Today I made 5 trips through the produce section looking for green onions and finally found some in the organic section. Now I'm all for organic produce, etc. but I'm not necessarily all about the added price. I could have bought quite a bit of scrapbooking paper for what those onions cost me!! :) This evening dh, ds and I went to an extended family party. It was dh's grandmother's birthday and muliple other people's birthdays and two cousins mission call/farewells. It was fun to get with the whole family. There are two other boys just older than DS (1 yr older) that he loves to play with, of course he's huge compared to them, but they are all so cute together! Now I'm working on my latest project, folding a million cd covers oragami style. I'm excited to have it all organized, etc. We have about 600 CD's and I think this will save us tons of space. I'm also trying to back up all of my pictures. I've been meaning to forever and then my sister's hard drive crashed and she lost all of hers, so I guess I've found my motivation!


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