M.I.A....... this has been a totally crazy week. DS has been sick sick sick. He's thrown up more about ten times and I've totally lost track of all of the diarrhea diapers and the number of outfits he's gone through. DH was working 15 hour days and I couldn't go anywhere, so I was in lock down with a sick and not happy two year old. I had always thought that I wanted a cuddly baby, but after this week I'm glad that DS is as independent as he (usually) is. Then DH flew out to Iowa on Thursday for one last interview at the medical school there. We should know where we are going in the next couple of months. So much to do before then. I'm working on typing up my Great Grandfather's journals and it's quite an interesting experience, it's so fun to get to know him through his own words and writing. He even got ink on his fingers a few times as he was writing, so his fingerprints have been left throughout the journals. I now just have to go on an excursion to find out what happened to all of the pictures he talks about in his journal..... hmmmm. I had another "photoshoot" with my niece this time, she's much more mobile so it was a lot more difficult to get clear shots with my 100% manual camera. Here are a few of my favs...

She was such a great little model, too cute! I just got a new Digital Canon Rebel, it is amazing and I absolutely LOVE it. I got it on sale for a great price and can't wait to really get to use it!!


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