Too long!!! Life is just moving along too quickly! We now have about 5 months until the big move and are still no where ready for it. Daniel is sick....AGAIN. He's got Croup and this time it hasn't been as severe (we haven't had to take him to the emergency room), but it's held on much longer. So one sick little boy and one mommy who's tired of said child always being sick, even though he is adorable.
Yeah, this is what he usually looks like, a full mouth. He hasn't quite figured out the whole taking bites thing. At least this time he was able to get it all in, he usually just walks around holding it in his mouth with his hands. Such a funny boy. And I gave the poor little guy a HORRIBLE haircut. I guess that's just what happens when he just will not sit still. I literally have to wrestle him down. Today DH helped a family from church move and I worked on the house, then we went to Chuckarama to meet up with DH's extended family where we ate lots and lots of great food. Then we went to DH's parents where DS played with the toy cars and we took naps! It was wonderful. THen we came home and started on the laundry and are having family time by watching all the shows we missed this week on tivo, there are a ton since we had a VERY busy week. My Brother David was in town from Kansas so we went to see him on Monday at my brother Steve's house and on Tuesday at my parents. Then on Wednesday DH worked a LONG day and I started to put the house back together. (We had been housesitting the week before and litterally hadn't been home since.) Then on thursday we put on the Cub scout Blue and Gold banquet which went really well. Then on Friday DS still had croup so we stayed in. Which brings us to today. Tomorrow I'll probably go to half of church then trade with DH so that he can go to the other half. Then we'll go to my folks' for dinner. I also need to finish a layout for a competition at www.scenicroutepaper.com but I can't seem to come up with a good title... this is the picture I'm working with...

Any ideas???


The Lassen Family

we always give jakob a sucker during his haircuts, he still gets one now :)
I get to do blue and gold on Wednesday--Luau--was that yours too? fun fun.
Cute picture no ideas about titles, maybe something about escaping, or where are you going? type????

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