Let's see... the update... Daniel is still sick, he's on the upswing though, so we're hopeful that it will be over in the next few days. On Sunday night for family time we watched the edited version of Gladiator. Love that movie, the cinematography and music are to die for, the story is great, the acting is great and lets just say it's not torture to watch Russell Crowe! It's one of DH's absolute favorite movies of all time. Just a random tidbit, when we were at the Colosseum in Rome our tour guide told us that Russell Crowe came and saw it after he made the movie, isn't that funny, you'd think if you were making a movie that largely takes place somewhere you would go and do your research? Oh well, he still did a fabulous job. Highly recommend it, in it's edited form though. Never seen it unedited, I know I don't want to!!! Let's see, on Monday we saw Heroes, which was as usual, awesome. Ack!!! I just remembered that I still haven't seen 24!!!! It's on my tivo and I completely forgot about it!!! I think we've been so busy lately that we're just enjoying sitting as a family and watching good stuff. On Tuesday morning my sister-in-law and I went for our weekly voice lesson, what we didn't know was that there was a major snow storm ahead of us!!! My sister-in-law is a great driver, so the 40 (+) min. drive up was completely uneventful, I'm just glad she was driving! We almost got into a wreck right in front of the house we were going to, it was crazy, but we were fine. The lesson was awesome. My new teacher is exactly what I've been needing, she's totally teaching me how to access the top of my voice and really sound like a soprano! It's nice to be with a female teacher. We're trying to decide what in the heck voice type I am, but I think I might just have to do a ton of research and go by role. You know, learn roles, decide which ones fit my voice well, then call myself something (ie soprano or mezzo) and then just still be able to perform the others. Just do my own thing I guess. Dh and I just realized last night that we don't have an overly scheduled week. Ahhhhhh finally some normalcy in our crazy household!!


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