Yeah Baby!!! Daniel's favorite phrase as of late. I think he picked it up watching ESPN with DH, not quite sure. It makes me giggle just a little every time I hear it. Ran on the treadmill yesterday. Ow. Today I will attempt to clean the house (AGAIN and always!) These boys know how to mess up a clean house really quickly! And hopefully schedule an appointment to get an estimate on the carpet. It is pretty sad looking and we think it might be part of the reason Daniel is sick all the time. that and the mold behind the wallpaper in the bathroom. Have I mentioned how much I HATE wallpaper?!?! I have been working on stripping it all off and cleaning off the mold, but it just takes soooo long! Gotta love older houses! (and who in the heck doesn't put a fan in a bathroom???) Anyway off to conquer the house. Wish me luck. If I don't post for a few days, send in for search and rescue.


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