Thank you child.

Yes I was in the room with my child when he did this. I picked something up, turned around to put it into the trashcan and he quickly and silently slid into the tub, clothes and all!! I'm just really glad he didn't have his shoes on. He only has one pair that fit right now! While this was a wee bit frustrating and I really must have sounded angry at first, (DH rushed in and decided to give me a little break) It was exactly what I needed, a really good laugh. It didn't make me the least bit angry, shocked, totally, but not angry. You see this was the first truly good thing he had done all day. (maybe all week) He didn't turn into the "NO!" monster he has been lately, he didn't throw everything in his path, he didn't draw on anything or create any damage, he was simply doing as he was told and taking a bath. I love little boys. They are such a challenge, but so much fun!



lol...I did a SB page about my DS#2 who had climbed into the tub fully clothed. So you're not alone...hee hee.

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