Been way too long. As usual, life is hectic. We celebrated my Mother's 66th b-day last Sunday. Soo crazy! I can't believe that she is on her way to 70! She does not seem that old.

Here's little sis lighting her bonfire... I mean cake....

lol and that's my mom behind her present, I just thought it was a cute pic. She finally got a Kitchen Aid and today she made us some FABULOUS rolls for Sunday dinner. (we got to bring home all the extras, yummmm!)

And even more exciting.... my Sister got engaged!!! We love her fiance and are so so so excited for her! So we will have the whole family (all 8 siblings hopefully) and their kids etc. together in June, it will be a blast. We haven't all been together since my wedding which was more than 3 years ago. I haven't even met some of my niece's and nephews! I glad we'll get to remedy that. This week I've got a ton of projects to work on, photos to scan, cds to organize, photos to take, a party to help plan, a shower to help plan, etc., etc., etc.! Craziness ensues.


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