Between a visit to the emergency room, a child with croup, preparing for the holidays, cleaning house and trying to come up with creative "low cost" presents for christmas I've been swamped!!! Today DH and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We went and saw "The Holiday" which I absolutely loved and then had to go to 3 different restaurants before we found one that wasn't absolutely jam packed. (office parties.... didn't think we would really have a problem getting in on a tuesday night!) It was a nice night, it seems like forever since it's been just DH and I. We had a b-day party for my sil on Sunday, and now I have to get ready for DS's 2nd b-day tomorrow! (who we just figured out is now 3'4"!!!) THEN I can think about christmas! Wow. Way too much to do! We're having a bowl party/b-day party tomorrow, an extended family party on Saturday, I'm singing at my Mother's church on sunday and then we're split between two families for the next two days. I just can't believe how crazy this time of year is!!! It's wild. I'm making calendars for my mom and mother-in-law with pics of the whole family for christmas which I have yet to START on! I know I'm crazy, wish me luck!


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