2 seconds too late..... DS saw an oppprtunity and took it! At least he aimed for the diaper package.... all I have to say is that I love the carpet cleaner we have! Wasn't too bad, just a little frustrating. Sometimes you just feel like it's a battle and you are slowly losing it. (both the battle and your mind!) The other day I ran to the bathroom and came back to a quiet front room and missing child..... this is what I found. Yes, that is permanent marker on our kitchen floor and oven with cereal, utensils and books sprinkled in. Yeah, so I freaked out, I guess Daniel figured he'd done something bad because he kept giving me kisses while I was scrubbing forever on the floor.

Amen to Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers!!!! It completely came off of the floor, but we're still trying for the oven. Good thing my father-in-law is my landlord, huh? I still can't figure out how he got the pen though, I swear he does acrobatics behind my back! I just have to keep reminding myself that he's cute and I do love him!


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