Today was a pretty mundane day for the most part. We got up late, cleaned house and then went over and helped my sister-in-law pack for her move this next week. Daniel was very excited to go for a "walkie" and when we got there he ran over and gave the baby a kiss. It was pretty cute. Lara's baby reminds me so much of Daniel at his age, it really makes me miss him as a baby! They growup sooooo fast! We came home and the lesson I was to teach got rescheduled, so I fell asleep with Daniel when I put him down for his nap, we slept for 3 hours! I think we might be coming down with something. Then Bryan brought home panda express for dinner which was delish! We tried a new kind of chicken and it was to die for! Then I went over to my in-laws house and practiced some duets for the cd, came home, did a digital "prelayout" and watched "Heroes" DH and I LOVE this show! Some parts we wish we could fix, but the general concept of the show we love. We're saving Studio 60 for tomorrow, but we were also hoping to go and see the new James Bond movie tomorrow.... we'll see. My in-laws saw the Nativity Story and loved it, so that goes on my endless "to see" list. DS is finally asleep, time for me to do the same!


The Lassen Family

what cd?-- can you tell it's 4 am and I can't sleep? well, probably could, but was too hungry :)

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