It's December!!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! Now to find gifts for everybody.... I've got my DS's birthday, our anniversary and all of the Christmas gifts to get, fun, huh? Now, if I had unlimited funds I think it would be a blast, but I'm having to be a bit creative this year. (at least my son's still too young to know if a gift is lame yet!) Today was a wonderful sunday, we went to my sister-in-law's ward today as they were blessing their cute little guy. New babies are just the best! It was the same building and even the same ward that DH was blessed in, it was pretty fun to see. Then we went to my in-laws house for a delicious lunch and to sing and do a little bit of recording for the cd. We practiced some pieces and it just made me all the more excited to get the cd done. Then we took a family picture for my in-laws Christmas card, I was kind of in charge of it which made me nervous, but I think it turned out allright. The later in the afternoon we headed to my parents house for dinner and a birthday party for my Dad. It's hard to believe that my dad is 66, he just can't be that old! It was fun to see all of the family and for Daniel to play with his cousins. He just loves to follow Jared around, it makes life much easier for us too! Then we came home and I worked on some scrapbooking stuff and am just now getting the baby to go to sleep! (Late nap) This week will be a wild one, I have to put together a musical program for my Mom, help my sister in law pack to move, come up with christmas gifts, etc. Finally truly confront the laundry, teach voice lessons, finish the cd and send out christmas cards! Whew, makes me want to go to sleep just reading it all..... I think I will!


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