Well, this blog has ended up just like my life.... sporadic. I've been working on a mini-album that turns out to be a little more involved than I thought it would be, I have to have it done by Friday, so at least there will be an end to my madness. I'm also working on a Christmas cd to send to friends and family and it's impossible to get everyone together with enough babysitters to get it done. My Mother-in-law (pianist extrodinare) layed tracks for about 6 of the pieces and it got me kind of excited to finish it all, even just the piano sounded gorgeous. I just love Christmas music, I wish that all music could be as good as Christmas music! Daniel is keeping me busier than ever, I swear he's going to be a giant by the time he finishes growing up! He can reach anything on the kitchen table or kitchen counters, it's impossible to keep things out of his reach! I dropped Bryan off at work today and met his coworkers and boss, they are all so nice! It's hard to believe that that many nice people all ended up in the same office. His boss felt bad that they had a really bad drive the other day (he's a phlebotimist sp?)(they were understaffed)
so she went and got him a gift card to the movies! woohoo! finally a date night and it's free!



Hey, did you know your power color is teal? Seriously, I was just about to give up on your blog. What a nice surprise! That CD sounds incredible -- by family and friends, you are of course including your favorite sister who accidentally spaced making an album for you, right? So, what movie will it be? How exciting, a free date night. It's kind of sad what excites us now, isn't it. And, hey - you never called me back. I should have known a "bit" was a little too vague;)

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