I have a new addiction. It's not like I needed a new addiction, but here it is. I really think I might be in love.  It's called Pinterest. It's a bit like Tumblr, for those who are familiar with that, only it's way better. (sorry Tumblr people! :(  )  
I am the type of person who likes to bookmark things for reference later that I don't necessarily need now. You know, like little girl clothes, house ideas, etc. But the problem with bookmarking them on your computer is that 1) you could lose it all if your computer dies (especially if 5 computers in a row die on you!) and 2) everything is listed by page title or blog title so you really can't remember what's bookmarked until you click on it.  
Enter pinterest. Your bookmarks are all stored online and by picture! You can separate them into categories and view everyone else's bookmarks to get more ideas. I LOVE it! 

To use the site you have to have an invitation right now. (I think it's still in beta) I've still got a few invitations I can send out, so let me know if you'd like one!
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