Stars Fell on Alabama....

I have had that song stuck in my head ever since we entered the state of Alabama two weeks ago! (If you don't know it, it's a Jazz Standard from the 1930's and is lovely... I specifically LOVE the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong version... while you're at it, buy the whole album, you'll thank me, really)
We took a quick trip down to visit Bryan's brother, Brad, who's just started flight school at Ft. Rucker. We had a great time and the kids played together so well. It was sad to leave again. :(  We took it easy and mostly just let the kids and boys (Bryan and Brad) play. Sam and his cousin Kate are only 4 weeks apart in age and they were so cute together! Two peas in a very cute pod. Kate was very kind and shared all of her girly stuff with Sam. He was ecstatic.

We passed by fields full of Black Hawks, which was an awe-inspiring sight. (Sadly we were moving the whole time, so I wasn't able to catch any phenomenal pics.)

As we left Alabama I asked Daniel what his favorite part of the trip was and he said, "playing Lego Batman with Uncle Brad." Which totally took me by surprise because he had so much fun playing with the girls, maybe it was playing on the huge screen, or maybe it was because it was his cool "army guy" uncle. Maybe next time we'll just let them play Wii through the Internet instead of driving for 12hrs? (lol, totally kidding!) 
One of the funniest things that weekend was when the kids played super heroes. They all got their pillow cases and flew around fighting all the injustice and bad people around. (mainly the two babies ;) 

Then I noticed Jane had some sort of growth.
Me: "Jane, are you hiding a secret weapon?"
Jane: "No, I'm pregnant!" Like, duh, you dummy. 
Me: "A pregnant superhero????"
Jane: "Of course! I've got to have my babies sometime! Superheroes are people too, ya know."

So there you have it. Super Heroes are people too, and my 4 year old niece knows that life doesn't stop for babies. 

The highlight of the trip was our day at the beach... but that's another post!


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