Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you're only a daaaaaaaaay aaaaaaa waaaaaaaaay! (sing it with me now! I watched that show WAY too often as a child and blame all of my quirks and eccentricities on that adorable little orphan Annie) (P.S. side note, I just have to say how proud I am of myself for spelling eccentricities right the first time, without spell check! yay, go Mommy brain!)
I have to say that Bryan and I have done pretty well with the cursed wait for our Residency Match results. But now that it's one day away, it's killing me! I, by nature, am a planner and a thinker and a researcher. None of which I can do without knowing what (or where!) my subject is! We could be moving in as little as 6 weeks so I'm rarin' to go! We could end up (in no specific order) here, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Dallas, Albuquerque (which I've also learned how to spell thanks to my research for the match), Salt Lake City, Phoenix or Tucson! So we could be moving 2 miles (if we match here) or 1,900 miles. How do you plan for all of the variables? The answer I finally came up with: you don't! I've just been de-junking, which really means finishing up all of the projects I'm working on and tying up loose ends. It feels good. (when I finally find the time, I'll post some of my projects on here, you can't wait, right? ;)
This whole process has been a little crazy and we are excited to have it over with. I finally realized why I'm so anxious about it all today. It's because, no matter the outcome, we will be surprised. I've never not kind of know how something would turn out before... and I kind of don't like it. lol. Luckily, we chose to only interview at programs where we knew we would want to live. So, no matter the news, we will be pleasantly surprised. Keep your fingers crossed for us, and hopefully I'll be a less spastic version of myself tomorrow. ;)



That's exciting! Of course, we hope for SLC, but anywhere is better than in school still!:) Can't wait to read and find out!

The Moore Family

Phoenix! Phoenix!!!


I hope you get SLC to be close to your families, but we're moving to Kansas City too! With us, you guys, and Kim we could start an extended Ellertson clan in Missouri! Good luck and I hope time flies for you til noon!

Washington Hills

I heard Indiana? I lived there once upon a time. Not a bad place! Pretty trees, but I'll bet you had those in Ohio too? Congrats on moving on and up!!!

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