We got a one line email letting us know that we did indeed match for residency. Yay! Now we can stop having completely irrational nightmares of not matching, and start having completely rational ones about so many other things! lol. Seriously, the NRMP (the people who run the match) are just big teases. Just tell us already!!! We find out Thursday, on St. Patrick's Day. We typically have a visit from a Leprechaun, so I'm thinking I'll have to combine the two somehow....
In other news, I find it completely ironic that this very week a book I've had on hold for months at the library finally arrived (digitally). It's titled, "Matched." I saw it and had to laugh out loud.

Incidentally it was a fun book, worth the read. It does have it's similarities to the other Teen Distopia books that are so popular right now, but it was different enough and interesting enough for me to thoroughly enjoy it and I'm anxiously looking forward to the next two. (and the movies... I think I heard that Disney has already bought the rights?)


The Bell Family

I just started reading that book last night. Can't wait to hear where you guys are going!

Mrs. Vanna Z

Suzanne! I have been thinking about you guys all week! 2 more days. I think that was one of the most exciting, nerve racking days of 2010!! Hang in there and enjoy the moment with lots of photos!

Alex + Anna Winn

oooh i cant wait to hear! WYOMING??

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