Our little Padawan...

 While we were at Disneyland we decided to check out the Jedi Training event. We didn't really know much about it, but Daniel loves ANYTHING Star Wars, so knew we had to go. We ran into someone on a ride who told us that if you have something that makes you stand out it makes it a lot easier to get chosen. So we stopped by the make your own Light Saber station and made him a huge, double-bladed, purple Light Saber!

It worked and he got chosen! (they chose about 30 kids out off all the children there) For a while he just stared at/ fought his own shadow, silly kid. 

He was totally in awe of the Jedi trainers, lol. 
The kids trained for a while and then, just when you think it's over, part of the stage rises up out of the ground and out comes Darth Vader, Storm Troopers and Darth Maul!

The kids all got their chance to defeat either Darth Vader or Darth Maul. Daniel beat Darth Maul soundly! ;) At the end he said, "It's a good thing he didn't move much! I totally defeated that guy!!! Now I can totally defeat them anytime!" I honestly think this day was the highlight of his life so far. Love him.



Daniel makes such a cute Jedi!

Team Jensen

Oh how fUN!!!!


That was so cool! Disneyland rocks!

Holley Pack

My sister's son did this at Walt Disney World last year. They had to wait at every session one day before they finally got chosen. I love the photos and Daniel looks like he had a great time.

Holley Pack

Daniel looks like he had a great time. I love his custom light sabor. Both of my sister's boys are just as obsessed with Star Wars. THey waited at each and every session one day last year until one of them got chosen. I think that was the happiest day of his life yet.

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