Disneyland! We went to Disneyland on Christmas eve just like we did 2 years ago. It was a wonderful, magical day. On our way in I saw a scene that reminded me of the last time we went. Daniel sure loves his Grandpa!
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It started out as a cool morning. Daniel had absolutely refused to bring a coat, so we bundled him up in Sammy's blanket. 
Here is the stroller brigade! They had all just barely turned one and did really well all day in the strollers. 

We spent the morning doing some kiddie rides (Dumbo here)
And then Daniel and Caleb got brave and tried some roller coasters. It was Daniel's first time on a roller coaster and he was pretty nervous, but he LOVED it in the end. 

Daniel got to attend the Jedi Training event and we stopped to build him his own Light Saber! He was ecstatic. It was double bladed and as tall as his Uncle Tim! (about 6'3"?)

 We always love the Pixar Parade, we got there early and staked out our spots. (we were surprised at how ruthless Disneyland patrons could be! ha ha)
 Sam adored the Parade from Daddy's shoulders.

He also thought it was hilarious to smack Uncle Brad in the face over and over. Might have had something to do with his reactions. lol :)
We really loved the Disney Parade that ended with Santa telling all the little girls and boys that he would see them that night. ;)

The fireworks seemed to be extra special that night. So beautiful. This year it was super crowded, I was kind of hoping for some bad weather so no one else would be there, but instead we had to suffer through a gorgeous, sunny day. Can't wait until we can go back someday!
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