Shawnee State Park

We had kind of an odd fall this past year. There wasn't a huge onslaught of color like I'm used to, it seemed like random trees here and there would change and fall before the other trees got around to changing. I was bummed because this was most likely our last fall here in Columbus and it's my favorite season. To solve it all and to put a smile on my face my sweet husband piled us all in the car and we headed south. We stopped at the Shawnee State Park and ventured around for some fall foliage. We hit a jackpot! Shawnee is such a beautiful park full of ponds, vistas and a random cozy church nestled in the trees here and there. It's 63000 acres, so we didn't even see most of it, but it was incredible. After our 2 hour drive, Sam was ecstatic to get out and move around!

He'd just barely started trying to walk, so he got to try out his shoes for the first time. Look at those little feet in those serious sneakers! Don't you just want to gobble him up?  The sun was starting to set, so the world turned even more golden. Daniel and Bryan were just in time to get onto the water in a paddle boat.
Sammy and I spent some time on shore checking out the leaves and acorns. Pure bliss.


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