Keeping the Doctor away...

with an apple a day!
We were lucky enough to go to the Apple Orchards twice this past fall. This particular orchard is just south of Amish country, so it's always a scenic trip. The first time we went was for a class field trip. Sammy and I went to help wrangle children and got a fun tour in the process. We learned all about how Johnny Appleseed was a real person and that he planted a lot of the apple trees in our area. (pretty cool if you ask me)
  They also took us through their sorting house. Daniel is obviously paying rapt attention. ;)

We ran into Daniel's friend Isabelle, who lives down the street and is in his Primary class at church. You'd think they haven't seen each other forever. lol.

We had so much fun picking the apples off the trees. 

They were Golden Delicious apples, and honestly, the best apples I've ever had in my life! (and this is coming from a Washington girl!)

We need a little work on our form.... you're technically not supposed to take the branch with you ;)

Sammy took his job as overseer very seriously....

We also went back out with a group of girls from the ward.  This picture is missing two kids and one adult, me!

We found the cutest little apples that were just Sammy sized, he held them all day. Too precious. 

We slipped around back of the apple orchard where there was also a pumpkin patch to explore. I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get a Fall picture of the boys, but they had other plans. This was as close as it got to perfection:

Because this is what all the rest of them look like...

We stopped and had a picnic, but the kids preferred to wait it out in the car where they were parent free and warm!

We had a blast and were fully stocked in apples for almost two months! No small feat with Daniel around, I think he honestly thinks that eating apples will keep the Doctor away. ;)


Washington Hills

U-Pick farms are our family's favorite places in the growing season. LOVE IT.

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