Four Eyes..

 Daniel has been squinting for the longest time so I set up an eye appointment for him. The soonest they were able to get us in was 7 months later! What is this? Canada??? (lol, just kidding, I love Canada) But miracle of miracles they called and were able to fit him in a whole month earlier. Yay. I had 20 minutes to get ready, pick him up from school and get over there. Daniel was a bit worried about the appointment and I was too, since I hadn't gotten a chance to prepare him for it. But we really shouldn't have even given it a second thought. They had him looking at hot air balloons and other fun things, while he kept giggling and saying, "this is a fun Doctor's visit!" Finally the Doctor gave his verdict: Daniel is "very, very far-sighted." I never would have guessed, I totally thought he was near-sighted. That's why we pay Doctors the big bucks! ;)  We ended up buying a pair of glasses through their office (they forgot to put the anti-reflective coating on, which makes pictures very tricky!) and we ordered 2 other pairs through Zenni Optical , which was awesome. We paid $15 a pair and got them in 2 weeks. (I highly recommend getting extra pairs with little boys! We're already down one pair and it's been 2 1/2 months!) Daniel has loved his glasses. Our drive home from picking up his first pair was so funny! He kept reading all the signs and saying, "I didn't know that was a book shop!! Mom, let's go buy some books! There's a Toy Store!!!! Mom! Can we please go to the toy store?!?!" I had no idea how much of life he was missing out on. ;)


The Moore Family

Oh so cute. I have a few far-sighted kiddos too! Lauren just got them and her reading has taken off, I feel so badly that we thought she wasn't getting it and she just couldn't see!!! LOVE zenni optical.


glad he liked the experience so much and that now he can enjoy life more! apparently it also empowers him to ask for more things for you to spend money on too... which may not be so great... :)


Becca, I totally felt awful for how frustrated I've gotten in the past when working on reading with him! I thought he just didn't care and would totally get letters wrong that I knew he knew. Made me feel like a horrendous parent. lol.
Elisa, I know, any positive experience at the DR's makes me happy! I'm just learning to ignore the now constant begging. :)


Nathan will likely need glasses before he gets out of elementary school and he can't wait! He keeps asking when he gets to go back to the eye doctor and always draws pictures of himself wearing glasses. :)


Those pictures are too cute. He really DOES look like Harry Potter... ok not really, but he does look darling.

Mrs. Vanna Z


What a handsome little man!!!


yeah, I think he's pretty cute too. ;) Jamie, that is too funny! I'd be tempted to get him so frames just for fun. lol.
Lara, he's been begging me to make him a Harry Potter costume all the time now! He keeps saying, "mom, I've got the hair, the glasses, the wand... now I need YOU to make me just one magic robe, that's it!" lol It's on my eternal "get it done" list.

Team Jensen

what a handsome guy w/ his glasses! We had the same issues w/ our daughter, too. Though her eyes ended up being one near sighted and one far sighted. Bizarre. BUT now she's reading so much and has significantly fewer headaches. Good work! I just can't believe they couldn't get him in sooner than 7 months! Holy cow!!!

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