Don't Mind too Much....

This is one of the few reasons I would be happy to leave Columbus.... ICE STORMS!!! The Ice Storms here are amazing and consistent. (in that you can count on at least one every year) This year isn't nearly as bad as the last two years have been (yet?), but school/work have still been cancelled for the last two days and you can literally ice skate out the front door. 
They say we've gotten an inch this time.... can you see how thick it is on the ground?
I couldn't resist this shot of Frosty's nose, brrr he looks cold!

It sure can be beautiful sometimes, I'll never forget how gorgeous the golf course next to our house is when the sun is setting and it's covered in ice. It just sparkles and glows. Too bad I'd have to risk life and limb to get a picture of it!

The view out my back door where you can see how thick this stuff is!

So, just a note to all of my friends in warmer climates... enjoy your wonderful weather and try not to rub it in too hard, we've still got at least another month of this stuff! (Hawaii has never sounded so good :)


Team Jensen

oh man! I remember going thru that kind of weather when we lived in Iowa! It's CRAZY! I'ts even scarier when the power cables that are normally looped from pole to pole, are suddenly bowed and connected in one giant ice crystal to the ground. No kidding. Moving from Seattle to Iowa was such an eye-opening experience to all kinds of new and scary weather!!!

Mrs. Vanna Z

beautiful images!!!

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