This is where I take a brief pause from all of the fun pictures, etc. from this summer. Just for the sake of documenting our life, I'll mention this. I've hesitated, because last time I talked about this, some serious anti-adoption people started leaving mean comments on my blog. (Thus why I now have to approve all comments) I was surprised that I was even on their "radar" to begin with, I don't talk about the adoption process on here a lot, for that very purpose. I also wanted to mention this because I had planned on trying to visit some friends on my way from Seattle to Utah ( I hadn't solidified plans with some of them, and others I still had to call, but it was in the works) and I had to scrap those plans because of this. I just don't want anyone to feel like I ditched them, or didn't want to see them. :)

Anyways, just as Nicole and I were leaving Seattle, we got some exciting news. Bryan had received a call from someone we knew telling him that there was a couple desperately looking for an adoptive family. Bryan chatted with them and they were so happy to have found us. (She kept saying how grateful she was that her baby would have a good home) They did have an adoptive family all lined up, but they failed their homestudy (or some part of it) the day before. The baby was being born the next morning, in Ohio. (!) Luckily Bryan was still in Ohio from taking his boards and a short class. The mother wanted us there as soon as we could be, so Bryan went the next morning and I had a flight out of Boise the next afternoon as well. ( I had to book it to Boise in the morning and my brother in law and his family drove up to meet us and get Daniel and the car) It was a very stressful day. Luckily, we didn't get our hopes up too high, as we've learned before that these things don't always work out. Poor Bryan was in the hospital by himself all day and I was in the air when things fell apart. We still don't know what really happened (both parents blame the other) and we're 99% sure that the baby is now in State custody. Bryan and I spent the next two days in Ohio before we went back to Utah. (he already had a flight planned for that day) I'm really glad that I was in Ohio for those 2 days though, I think it would have stunk for Bryan to be all alone and disappointed.

So I guess what I have to say is that so far for us the road to adoption has been a rocky one, but we are still looking forward to the day we bring out next child home.



I'm so sorry. I was so excited for a minute and now I hurt for you. I can't even imagine the pain you are going through. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.


I'm so sorry, Suz. I can just imagine how hard it is for you to keep up the hope when things look so promising and then consistently fall through. I'm sure your time will come. We'll keep you all in our prayers. How are rotations treating you?

Washington Hills

Oh, Suzanne.

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