So I know I've been a kinda absent from the blogging world, I just have so much to blog about that I don't know where to start. I think I'll just slowly put up stuff from the summer while I continue on with everyday life, sound good? Good.
Anyways, it seems like I spoke too early with my last post. Daniel went to the first week of school and LOVED it. He did such a great job and it seems like a fabulous school. On Saturday we went and picked berries (it was awesome, more on that later) and he kept wheezing while he was running around, I thought he was just trying to make silly noises (which he is ALWAYS doing) and didn't think too much about it. Wheezes turned into coughs come Sunday and on Monday he was so sick. He had the flu. I got it on Tuesday and Bryan got a lighter version of the same thing on Thursday. Daniel and I have been holed up in the house all week just trying to breathe. I finally got him into the doctor on Thursday. I felt kind of stupid, because he was really starting to get over everything, but I try to trust my motherly intuition. It turned out that he had started to get an infection so he had a breathing treatment (read I got to hold him down while they tried to make him breathe in the smoke) and was given antibiotics. So I'm glad I went. :) Now that we're on the mend I'm back to my endless list of projects.
Bryan got me a beautiful canvas for my birthday. And for mother's day we had it framed, I think it turned out perfectly. It's much more of a gray/blue than it looks in this picture and goes perfectly in our home. I'm still moving it around a bit, but hope to find it's permanent home soon.

Now I need some help with this one. I found this bed frame for free and we need one for Daniel's room.

Now what to do with it? It definitely needs at least a new paint job. Should I strip it all down and stain it? Or should I paint it, and if so, what color? His room will have dark blue, orange and green, but I'm thinking if I paint it, I should use a neutral. Any ideas?


The Moore Family

I spray painted a bed red once and then rubbed it down with a dark stain- it looked weathered like an old barn - so cute.


I think you should paint the bed brown or blue. Can't wait to see the finished results.
PS, every time I come here now, I have to look at the first day of school pics, they crack me and always make me smile. What a ham!


I think maybe a tan? Not to stark, but goes with all those colors? You're the expert!:)

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