Holy Gorgeousness Batman!

This lady is so talented, it kills me! Right now I'm working on a quilt for Daniel that looks kind of like this:

But as soon as that one is done I totally have to make one of these scrap quilts. I just love the little bursts of color and how they are all anchored and buffered with the white backing. I'll be dreaming of this quilt!



You're right...beautiful! I wish we lived closer, I'm dying to learn how to quilt.

Washington Hills

Agreed. That is amazing!


That first quilt is amazing, I don't get how it works, but I want to know if you can shed some light.


That first quilt is actually a bit easier than it looks. She just took scraps of fabric left over from other projects and cut them all to about 1"x2" then she pinned them to the quilt (backing, batting and front were all basted together already) then she sewed around the edges of each piece. It attached the fabric pieces and acted as the quilting at the same time. She's a genius, huh?

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