Daniel has started preschool and I don't know what to do with myself! After having him with me 24/7 for 4 1/2 years it feels too quiet without him running around singing his Star Wars songs and making "lightsaver" sounds for 3 hours a day. On our way out to the car I asked him to stop so I could get a quick picture... this is what ensued.

This little boy is so happy all the time and has soooo much energy! I can't help but feel a bit sorry for his teacher! As for me, maybe my house will be cleaner? Probably not. I'll probably just sew more or catch up on my shows. It feels really weird being a stay at home mom without someone to mother!



Those pictures are too stinkin' cute! Thanks for making me laugh today.

The Lassen Family

Ditto!! Love the pics :)


Good thing you're quick with the camera or else you wouldn't get anything from that little guy! Those pictures are a riot - how cute!


too cute! Zoe says: 'I want to see Daniel this week.' so sad

John-David and Kathryn

Where will he be starting preschool at? how fun that you will have a little time to yourself.

Washington Hills

Look at that kid! He is going to have SO much fun at school. You go, buddy!

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