san diego

We had an extra day in California where the sun wasn't shining and we weren't feeling paying the high costs for an amusement park, (we had just gone to Disneyland a few months before) so we went down to San Diego again. Unfortunately I got the wrong directions so we ended up in some random part of town. (sorry guys!) Anyways, one of the first places we passed was this little Mexican restaurant. We figured it couldn't be too bad and we were all starving, so we stopped inside for lunch. Lets just say it was an "authentic" city experience. Dirty, rude service and you were kind of happy to leave. (and now that I've read online reviews I don't think I'll ever be returning.lol) We ordered Daniel a Quesedilla and had to laugh when they brought it out. It was twice the size of his head!
After lunch the little girls decided they had had it so they headed back to the condo. Bryan, Daniel, Tim and I decided to do some more looking around and found a really cute outdoor mall on the coast. I saw the cutest cast iron scottie dog! There's no way I could justify buying it, but maybe someday I'll have something just as cute. The picture doesn't do it justice. (wouldn't that be the cutest door stop??)
While we were looking at all of the shops we came across the most talented balloon man. He was making all kinds of intricate characters. We stopped and had him make Daniel a tweety bird and a sword. We had him do both, because we thought just a sword would be kind of lame, but it was totally awesome.
Daniel spent the rest of the day with his arms folded so he didn't ruin or pop his balloons. We had a fun day.


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