Tyler the Great

While we were in Pasco we got to go to one of Tyler's playoff baseball games. Daniel, Nicklaus and Zoe got to run around and play while Tyler sweat it out in the dugout and on the field.

Every once in a while the kids would run up to the fence and soak it all in.

We were so excited when they called on Tyler to pitch. He did such a great job.
In between watching the game and running around the little boys played catch with the kids' (Tyler, Nick and Zoe's) Great Uncle Rod.

We apparently need to work on the whole "eye on the ball" thing....

The weather was so crazy. We'd be frying one minute and freezing the next.... we wore fleece blankets and shorts!
These two play together so well. Such cuties.Tyler's team won the game by a LOT of runs and got to continue in the play offs. Great job TY!


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