The Waterfront

After the park we took a drive through our old city (Kirkland, WA). It was CRAZY to see everything again. Here's the house that fit 10 of us at once! It still looks almost exactly like it did back then. I think they've put in new windows, but it's even still the same color. (oh yeah, and they have a new front door)Here is Nicole's crossing signal. When my sister Nicole was in Jr High School she got hit by a car while walking to school one morning. Luckily she was eventually alright (lots of jaw surgery and rehab, but okay) and they put up this sign just because of her. It's her claim to fame. :)We drove around for a bit and found my Grandpa's house purely from Nicole's memory. I never drove in Seattle (I was too young) so I was pretty impressed by her finding it that way. It brought back sooooo many memories. We even drove around back and tried to get a look at the yard. My grandpa was an avid gardener and we all have such fond memories of his beautiful gardens. I don't think the new owners kept it the same, but what can ya do? We stopped by my Grandparent's graves and left some flowers. I know they both would appreciate that. (I'm convinced they are where I got my love of flowers)

Our next stop was the Kirkland Waterfront. This was also where we went for Family Home Evening sometimes to feed the ducks and clime around on the rocks. It is SO much busier now and they even charge for parking! It's all getting kind of yuppie.
Daniel and Zoe had a blast throwing rocks into the water. Which I only just found out is a lake, not part of the sound!!! Duh. Growing up I always just assumed it must be the ocean. Now that I really think about it, it totally makes sense that it's a lake.... wonder what else from childhood I have wrong?!? I have no clue what brought on this expression, I'm just so glad I caught it! Too too funny.

The scenery was just perfect, we were there just as the sun was setting and I couldn't help but grab some shots of the kids. Zoe is a great little model.

Here's Daniel signing off....


Trinette Hayslip

Oh, I know exactly were you were on the Kirkland waterfront. I miss it so. Can't believe they charge fro parking now!


Your pictures are so beautiful, I love them.

Washington Hills

Oh, that water looks wonderful...


Wow, I love all of your pictures from your trips! Walla Walla seems beautiful and I love your memories from your childhood. Daniel is so grown up, that is amazing he did so well on the drive!


It just looks like such a beautiful place!

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