Going to Washington and Walla Walla

While we were in Utah this summer Bryan went back to Ohio for 2 weeks to take his boards and attend a short class that was required for his next year of schooling. Daniel and I decided to get out of my in-laws' hair (we stayed with them for about 2 months this summer, it was awesome, and they are the BEST hosts, but I'm sure they didn't mind a little break ;) ) And I've been dying to get back to Washington somehow, I hadn't been then since I was pregnant with Daniel and it was the worst trip ever! (I was pregnant, we got KILLER food poisoning our second day there, and as soon as we were almost feeling well enough to do anything we got the call that my grandmother had passed away in Utah, we drove home the next day... for a while there we were positive that our vacations were cursed) So Daniel and I made the drive to Washington alone. I was a bit concerned because I was dealing with this: But he was actually AMAZINGLY good for the whole trip! Bless his little heart. I had bought him a Yoda pez dispenser thinking that if he got horrible, it might help distract him to have something new. A few hours into the drive I decided to give it to him to reward his great behavior and he played with it for the rest of the drive! He didn't watch any videos the whole time! Just Yoda and some books, it was incredible. As we got into Oregon we hit an incredible storm, my pictures do not do it any justice, but it was gorgeous.
Our first day there we went and helped my sister Nicole with some errands and then headed to Walla Walla for the afternoon. (it feels kind of crazy even writing it!) I hadn't been back to Walla Walla in maybe 10 years. When we moved to Walla Walla it took a long time for it to feel like home to me, I was amazed at how much it still did feel like home on this trip. (and yet SO much has changed!) We didn't have a long time, so for the most part we did a drive by, so all of my pictures were taken from a moving car with the windows up. (windows down ='s bothered children, thus they were up!)

This church is were I had my first paying gig. I remember my choir director asked me to come and perform on a Sunday at this church, which I was happy to do. It went well, even though it was kind of weird to be a part of a different religion's worship service, it was still nice. Totally unexpectedly a few weeks later my Choir director handed me a check for my performance. It totally took me off guard, as I had never even considered that people get paid to perform in other churches! I thanked him and took the check. I never was comfortable enough with it to cash the check. It was a real eye opener for me.

This is the court house. Now, most teens don't spend a lot of time at their local court houses, at least not the teens I hung out with. lol. But I got to know the building quite well through Mock Trial. I was a witness my Freshman Year and a Lawyer my Sophomore and Junior years. We had a really successful team ( I think we took second in State one year?), I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. If nothing else, it helped keep me out of trouble. ;) (we also took our band photos here once, I stood forever on the top step adjusting and readjusting my sousaphone... ah the memories)

Who could ever forget everyone's favorite record store? I couldn't believe it was still there, and with the same name! Gross.

One of the main parks there "Pioneer Park," was designed by the same man who designed Central Park in NYC. This one is MUCH smaller, lol, but well used and loved. I sang in summer concerts accompanied by a band in front of and inside this stage. I also performed scenes from the shows I was in here. Every 4th of July this place would be packed with people and vendors all around. The fireworks were spectacular. Not quite the same show as you get in Provo, but it was closer and you could feel it. So much fun.

We drove by my old High School campus. It still looks pretty much the same, lots of buildings spread over acres of grass and streams. I was so lucky to go here. I still think what they call it sounds funny though. Wa-Hi. Makes me think of a bad martial arts movie.

Then we drove by our old house. Makes me home sick just looking at it. I guess this was the last home of my parents that I really lived in, maybe that's why. Life here was calm and beautiful. It was such a blessing to live here. (something we all never would have thought!)

It's on a corner, so we are able to see into our old yard. All of Dad's hard work still shows. They still have all of the trees he planted, and the address sign he chiseled out of stone. They even still use the garden I helped him put in. (you don't ever forget how hard it is to pull up sod!) We drove around for a bit and saw so many things that brought up memories. Walla Walla is full of old houses that I just LOVE. (It's the oldest city west of the Mississippi) I took so many photos and we had such a great time. Walla Walla is gorgeous. On our way back to the tri-cities (where Nicole and her family live) we hit a huge dust storm.
I had forgotten just how crazy Walla Walla's dust storms can be. For a while we were pretty scared, it felt like it was going to rip off the hood of the car. I thought we were handling it pretty well, but Daniel started yelling "Hold on for your lives!!!" I think he thought he was being funny, and it was after the fact, but not so much right then.
This was when it was starting to lift up a bit, can you see how the road just disappears? Scary stuff. (We obviously got home safely!)


The Moore Family

Suz, how fun it was to look at those great sights. I haven't been back for over five years and I wish so badly I could take a trip. I have so many fond memories and every once in a while wish I could crawl into my old bed and have my mom make me breakfast each morning. . or run through Whitman college campus and wade in the streams. I am so glad you got to go back, some day hopefully I will get to too! Love ya

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