Nicole and I both hadn't been to the Seattle area for a while, so we thought we'd make a quick trip up. Our first stop was lunch with our Cousin Thayne. The generations in my family are kind of messed up, she's my cousin, but her oldest children are my age. So growing up, it felt more like she was my aunt, but now that I'm a bit older, she feels more like my cousin. We always have fun with her and taking after our Grandmother, she gave us some delicious home-made cookies on our way out. (Seriously, they were so good, thanks Thayne!) Our next stop was Farrel-McWhirter Park in Redmond. This was our family's favorite park growing up. We went there all the time for Family Home Evening and would have a picnic, then spend the rest of the time running and playing. Nicole and I thought it was pretty funny that when we got to where the trees were thicker, both kids got a bit scared, and we both felt happy and at home.

We found some uprooted trees that Daniel thought were awesome. He couldn't believe that these were just the roots!

The kids stopped to pick buttercups on the path. I picked some too, and looking down at them in my hand was immediately transported to my childhood. Funny what'll do that to you. Just a couple step farther on the trail the kids found horses.

Zoe thought she'd show her flower to the horse.

And freaked out when he ate it! This next picture was taken 1 second after the other one, that's how fast she got out of there!

And she kept her distance the whole time after that! (I don't blame you Zoe!) Luckily the horses here are very sweet.

Climbing the stairs to what was one of my favorite activities, running around in the silo.

This is just for my siblings. It all still looks the same doesn't it? When we got back to the car these two little munchkins decided to gang up on us. They felt we didn't give them enough time to play. It was hilarious. You can't really see it in the photo, but trust me, very mature, concerned faces, lol. Too too funny!



Oh Suzanne! I loved these pictures! I grew up in Olympia - and while I can't remember any trips to that particular park in Redmond, it sure does remind me of a lot of other parks I spend my childhood in! The big roots, tall trees, thick woods, fun trails, everything! Feels like home ... thank you!


ps***and what a wonderful summer day you found to play in! The sunshine looks so beautiful!


What fun Suzanne! I remember a lot of those things - the park, the fish, the flowers. It's really time I get back up there too. I always thought growing up that I wanted to live in Seatle.:) Glad you had a good trip with Nicole!

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