Caffeine Free!!!

I have officially made it 1 full month without one drop of caffeine! I didn't want to post about it before now in case I chickened out, but now I'm quite confident that I've kicked the habit.
You know I didn't used to have a problem with it. All throughout high school and most of college I never drank pop, let alone caffeine. But I spent one summer at home during college and my Mom finally got me addicted. I LOVED. the. STUFF. During Carmen my wee Irish friend Lyndsey (the other Carmen) and I bonded over many a can o' the stuff. For a few years now I've gone off and back on the stuff, but I've never really made a decision and a conserted effort. I'll still have one on rare occasions as a treat, but other than that I'm done with the constant fatigue/headache cycle!


Alex + Anna Winn

YA for you!! I've heard that stuff is sooo hard to quit. (crazy huh?) If I could quit the habit of porking out at every meal that would be awesome. But I'm never going to make that commitment. ever. But I really look up to your resolve to be healthier!!!


Congrats! I still go back and forth, justifying that at my age it is definitely medicinal.


Congrats girl! You rock!

CC Girl

You are my hero - I try so hard to and always fail - it keeps calling me back. But, you've inspired me and I am going to try to go without it, it's pathetic how much I love that stuff!!

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