5 Years!
This past month Bryan and I celebrated our 5th Anniversary! (k, so now that I've actually gotten around to posting it, it's more like a few months ago, but who's counting?) It's hard to believe we've been married so long, sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. (and other times it feels like we've always been married) Our wedding was one of the best days of our lives, and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.
In the morning we braved the icy roads and were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. All of our family was there and it was a beautiful ceremony. Most of my really good friends were able to come as well, which meant so much to me.

We spent a while outside taking pictures. While we had been in the temple the clouds had cleared and it was a sunny day, still cold, but sunny.

In the afternoon we had a wonderful luncheon at our now favorite restaurant, Chef's Table. Both of our families were there and the place was packed. It turns out we didn't take any pictures of the luncheon, luckily Bryan's Grandfather remembered! If anyone else out there randomly has pictures of our luncheon (or wedding!) we'd love to have a copy.... :)

After our wonderful lunch, (honestly I don't remember what I had to eat, I remember where my friends and family sat though!) We headed over to the Ballroom where our reception was being held and took yet more pictures. We had our reception in the newly renovated Provo Library. I love that building, it's where my grandfather went to school while he was at BYU, and my mother even had classes there too. Our reception was wonderful, filled with friends and family. The only mar on a perfect day was the lousy dj, he played all of the songs that we had asked him NOT to, lol. Luckily some of my friends from BYU Singers came and sang a beautiful rendition of "The Nearness of You," and saved the musical portion of the evening.

Thanks guys!

It's been a wonderful 5 years filled with lots of great times and fun memories. Bryan's put up with my "creativity" smiling all the while and now that we've made it this far, I know we can make it all the way. Love you honey.



Congrats!! Beautiful pictures! I wish I could have been there! :(


You really were a beautiful bride! I had another tinge of guilt for not making the reception. I hope you guys are well.


Happy late anniversary!


Congrats! I can't believe it's been 5 years already. I remember how gorgeous you looked that day! How fun!


What fun memories - I remember coming to see you at the Music Library right after I got home from my mission and met Brian there for the first time. It really was a beautiful wedding!


Erin, I'll NEVER forget how you had to drive our car to the reception with the door open because you couldn't see out the windshield! (Scott will pay for that some day! Seriously, when he gets married his car is toast!) Seriously, you're the best. (it still makes me giggle though!:)

CC Girl

Happy Anniversary - Suzanne, you were SUCH a beautiful bride, those pictures are stunning. I can remember sitting in our theory class talking about Bryan, where has the time gone! My favorite memory is right after you guys got engaged, I overheard Bryan telling another guy in our music history class "the wooton has been wooed!!" Brilliant!! You guys are the best!

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